A Photo A Day … August 24 2012

I went to the Abbey today with my kids and met up with my sister and one of her kids. We had a bit of a picnic while we took loads of photos of birds (just under 400  photos). It started to cloud over, so we went with my sister while she sorted her horses and then went to the tea rooms for a drink. We decided to sit at a table outside, and this ignorant bloke started jabbering on that he was sitting there, when in fact he had been standing further over. So we figured we wouldn’t start a scene and we would sit inside. Kids all had ice creams, and as we were waiting to pay, this same ignorant [enter expletive] came up to the front of the queue and asked for an ice cream, gave the person who was already at the front some money then left with said ice cream. My sister remarked – loudly – about how some don’t know that are there for a reason. He came back asking for something else as I had just been served by a nice young woman with a piercing in the back of her neck and this ignoramus was by the sugars. So I said – loudly – excuse me please. He moved, and it took a lot for me not to say thank you. I had tried not to say please, but it didn’t work lol. We sat down, and my nephew said “It’s raining”. We then had to explain what Karma was lol

Anyway – photo of the day 🙂

Love or Lust …

This poem started to form when I read Penny‘s poem If I Didn’t Care. It is a two stage poem, one part rhyming, and the other not. I’ve been working on it for a while now. I’m still unsure about it.

Through the freezing snows of Winter
That tries to find new ways to hinder

Through the new life brought out in the Spring
That warmth and joy to our hearts does bring

Through the soaring heat of the Summer
Happiness wrought to those who are glummer

Through the fading light and life of Fall
That falling leaves hints at the end of all

Love tries to find its way
Looks into our hearts, our minds

Tries to see who is worthy
Looks to see who needs it most

Lust attempts a coup
Forcing the mind’s hand

Trying to usurp the power of love
Pretending to be one while hiding the other

The heart tries to tell the difference
With the mind shouting out in alarm

Will the heart see sense and win through?
Will the mind give in and not even care?

© Alastair Forbes 2012

I’ve been leapfrogged

I’ve been leap-frogged. It is a new way of doing “meme’s” that used to go around a few years ago. So, what I am going to do is name the eleven blogs that I am going leap frog and then answer the questions that Rachel asked me.

1. Reconstructing Christina

2. The Why About this

3. Jodi Ambrose

4. Bowch

5. My Life With Autistic Kids

6. Marichris

7. The London Flower Lover

8. Photography of Nia

9. No Names Quirky Ideas

10. Russel Ray Photos

11. Radius of a Square

These blogs are definitely worth a visit.

My questions for nominees to answer: (and the same ones that I answered)

1. What song do you never tire of hearing? – Within Temptation – Angels

2. What things give you the chills? – hearing my daughter sing. She has a beautiful voice, and hearing my son play the guitar

3. What event in your life has shaped you the most as a person? – Lots of things have made me who I am, but possibly the most are my injection that went wrong and my divorce

4. What worries you the most on a day-to-day basis? – How my kids are going to cope when I am gone, and how they are going to get on in life

5. Can you keep secrets? Why or why not? – Yes, as I proved to a friend recently.

6. What do you wish you could change most about yourself? (personality) – There’s a lot about myself I would change so I can’t name one thing

7. What quality do you most admire about yourself? – Uhhh. The fact that I can use a camera

8. When you were a child, what did you wish to be when you grew up? – An actor or author

9. Do you ever get road rage? – No, but I get trolley rage in a supermarket

10. If you could write a book knowing the whole world would read it, what kind would it be? – It would be about someone who can see his own future self and has to change it

11. If you could filter the news you see and read, what would you want to exclude? – Anything about the Royals that is bad, or anything that puts our soldiers down

The rules :
•Post the rules.
•Answer the questions set for you in the tagger’s post.
•Choose 11[ish] people to “tag” and notify them.
•Create 11[ish] questions for them to answer or use the same ones set for you

Hope you have as much fun with this as I did!!