Friends and others

From birth, we are on our way to death. That is the only certainty in this life – you will die. It’s what you do in between that birth and dying which makes you who you are. It is also who you are that determines the type of people who you attract to you to be you friends, your lovers, even your enemies. These people who come to your side to be your friends etc., are not necessarily the atypical people who would be seen with someone of your ilk. This though, shows that you should never judge a book by its covers.

These people come into your life for different reasons, but all are to teach you some important facts about yourself and your life. There are three types of these friends. They are daily, yearly, and lifetime people. It isn’t a case of sitting down and poring over books, it’s unknown teaching. You learn things as you go along. The thing is, it may not be you who is being taught. You may have gone into their life to teach them something.

Daily friends: These friends don’t stay in your life for long. Maybe about a year or so, and they teach you something small. Nothing too drastic or life changing. When you have learned the lesson, they leave. There is usually no fault in them leaving, you and they just drift apart. Maybe one day, they will drift back into your life when they have something else to teach you. 

Yearly friends: These friends will teach you something major. There will be something life-changing about you learn from this type of friend and it is usually two way. As you are learning from them, so they are learning from you. You could be pointed to someone who will become a lover, or they could help you gain employment, or change employment. You will probably learn a new skill from this person. Either way, you will never forget them. They will stay in your life anywhere from ten years to the rest of your life then, again, through no fault of either side, you will drift apart (providing they are not in your life until you or they die)

Lifetime friends: These are powerful lessons you learn. Lifetime friends do include family a lot if the time. You will be learning for the entirety of your friendship with this person, and they are significant lessons. They will include starting a family of your own, losing family, losing limbs. These people are not necessarily the cause of this, but they are there when you need them. They are the rock when you are sinking, they are the person at the edge of the pit to help you out when you reach rock bottom. This type of friend will never leave you. They will remain friends with you no matter what. If you have arguments, you will cool off, but then be together again. 

All of these friends are as important to you as the next one. Each lesson from each friend is different, and you may not even see the lesson until years down the line after the friend has moved on to someone else.

Remember: friends come and go, lessons stay.