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61 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Al- Today I received the comment below on my Sunday Photo Fiction post from last week. I emailed her to tell her that if she is referring to the photo in the story it is not my work. I refer her to the link back to Sunday Photo Fiction. PBS is public television here in the US.
    COMMENT:Hi Maryann, I’m a photo researcher for a PBS film and would love to talk to you about possibly using one of your images. Can you email me at your earliest convenience at

  2. Hi Al! You’ve been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award! If you accept this award, please proudly display it on your site, thank the person who nominated you, write 7 things about you, post the rules and 15 folks you nominate for this award. It is way for we bloggers to recognize each other and give a little “love’ for your exceptional efforts. Congratulations! Becky

    • Thank you, I would be grateful for that, although I am not a fast reader. I can put you in touch with a blogger who is if you want a review before it comes out?

    • Thank you Sandra. I had your page open on my browser and kept refreshing it last night, but hadn’t got round to doing it this morning yet lol.

      I am very impressed that she took the time out to respond to comments. That’s the mark of a good author – one who is willing to talk to readers

  3. Al,
    Just a quick note to let you know Robyn is out of surgery, and has done great!
    It’s way too, early to do a progress report type post, but I just need to tell someone else who cares about the good news thus far, and you truly seem to!
    Resa xo

  4. Alastair,

    Have you heard of this blog: “Fabulous 50s”? It’s operated by Sherry Lachelle who lives in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. She’s an avid photographer who’s traveled quite a bit and often takes pictures of average people in average settings. But, she’s published some pretty good photos, and I thought you might want to check out her blog.

  5. Hi Alastair….I note that you mentioned commenting on one of my blogs but the comment had been moved by WP to spam. You were right but apart from the comment not appearing on my blog….how did you know?

  6. Thanks for following me, nice blog you have here. Music and the poems and the pictures. The sounds that tempt me to forget myself and the emotions to unravel without me knowing, absolutely nice.

  7. Hi Alastair
    I’m doing a post on the moon and would love to post one of your photos if you have one. I would give you credit and a link back to your website. If you’re agreeable, you can send me a photo through an attachment to my email address: Let me know if you can do this, otherwise I’ll have to use a google image. Thanks from Teresa

  8. Dear Alastair, I saw you commented about KOULE on An Autism Dad. Please do not let his views skew yours. KOULE is by no mean any form of exploitation. I am an autism researcher (for over 10 years) and a mum. KOULE is my way of trying to help and do some good. I have responded to all the comments made by An Autism Dad’s and I really hope he will post them. Thanks Tamie

  9. Hi, thanks for your recent comment on my post – I realized I was being a bit unclear so I re-wrote it…I guess I was a bit upset when I wrote the piece. All better now.

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