A Photo A Day … August 13 2012

Moving a is a bit easier today, so I went out onto the balcony to see what shots I could take. I ended up with my ♫ ♪ Seagull of the Month ♪ ♫ shot. It is a baby gull flying over the inner dock. I really like this shot, it is one of independence.

♪ ♫ Seagull of the Month ♫ ♪

Thanks For Writing

The lovely Jodi Ambrose – who’s blog is here has nominated me for the Thanks For Writing award. I would like to say a huge, huge, HUGE thank you to her as she definitely knows how to brighten people’s days and make them laugh. She has written a couple of books that you should definitely read as well. If you haven’t been to her blog yet, go there, you won’t regret it

I’m going to hazard a guess that the rules are the same as most of them.

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

Thank you Jodi for nominating me

2. Include an image of the award.

3. Nominate some people (6 or 7) that you feel deserve the award.

The first two of these I picked because of the heart-wrenching story that they both told on their blogs through poetry or through the full story. The others are ones that I feel need to be seen more.

Reconstructing Christina

The Why About This

Cristian Mihai

Denisa Aricescu

That Galaxy Far, Far Away

The London Flower Lover


4. Tell a few things about yourself

  1. I fell down some stairs in 1988 with a 50kg sack of peanuts on my shoulder which has caused me to be in pain, then had a Cortisone injection in my lower spine that went wrong causing even more (and constant)  pain.
  2. I like CSI and CSI New York but dislike CSI Horatio
  3. I am taking my daughter to see Justin Bieber in March next year (why did I let myself be talked into that one??)
  4. I enjoy zombie films (and The Walking Dead)
  5. I have three tarot decks
  6. I’ve broken a toe three times, and is the only bone I have ever broken
  7. Curves are better than twigs