The Mindf*ck Series

I received a suggestion recently of a book I should read. Or rather, a series of books. They are on Kindle Unlimited, and as I have Amazon Prime, I have that anyway. So I decided to give them a go. The series is called the Mindf*ck Series and it is a Horror/Dark/Romance series. I don’t normally read romance … thinks back to when I read Love In The Time Of Cholera, Pride And Prejudice, Calico … I occasionally read romance, but not often, so I went into this series not knowing what to expect.

I will say, I was surprised to see a trigger warning at the beginning of the book saying that if people are triggered, then avoid parts that are in italics. When you reach those parts, then you see just WHY they have a trigger warning. Another note at the beginning is “For those who are still suffering, for those who haven’t found their voice, and for those who are too scared to come out. This is for you“.

The books follow two people. One is an FBI profiler akin to Criminal Minds, and the other is a Serial Killer who is taking people out who participated in the brutal rape and murder of a man and his teenage son and daughter.

The writer does a good job of filling in how the killer can escape to carry on murdering when the profiler is around her a lot of the time. It is certainly a love story with a difference, and it is well written. It is not up there with the Shakespeare authors or the Dickens writers, but it is also better than if it was on Wattpad or Fictionaut.

Each book is around 130-180 pages long, so in themselves not a long read, but if they were one book, then it may have been a bit too much at almost 800 pages.

I would have liked to have read more of S T Abby’s books, but unfortunately, she passed away in July 2021. She does have two other pen names though, one which writes Reverse Harem romance (Kristy Cunning), and one for all other romance – Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Comedy, anything not dark or Reverse Harem – (C M Owens).

There is a Facebook book club that has been carried on in her name where you can talk to other people who have enjoyed her books. If you like Dark Romance, then give this series a go. It’s on Kindle Unlimited, so it won’t cost you anything.

6 thoughts on “The Mindf*ck Series

  1. Interesting Series. Lovely to see you here Al. I have prime so I didn’t realise Kindle unlimited is free. I will have a look for it.
    Take care Al, hugs!

    • Hey Ute 🙂 How is everything? We moved recently – although we moved from a house I can’t get out of to a house I can’t get out of.

      I think Unlimited was only added in about a year ago. I didn’t realise until I was told recently.

      • Al I am fine. I moved as well to the south of London. That is not great if you cannot get out of it still. You need something easier accessible. 🙂

    • Heya Kim 🙂 I don’t normally post as I stream most of the time now due to not being able to get out of the house. After reading these though, I thought I would share. I understand that they are not everyone’s cup of tea.

      I am hoping to post more regularly than once every two years.

      • Me too… I am not posting much these days. It’s been a hard year. Not everyone likes the same books, that is why there are a million different kinds. I like a lot of different genres and I appreciate the courage of any author willing to put their work out there.
        I’m sorry you are not able to get out of the house. I’m sure that is frustrating for you. But I hope to see you on here more..

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