This is for serial stories.

One is on my Photo Fiction ongoing story where “Earthers” have invaded a planet, and the story is from the view of the indigenous life forms.

The second is an ongoing story that I am sharing with Jules. It is the story of a vampire chasing a woman. The vampire (me) is called Raynard, and the woman (Jules) is Saskia.

Off Her Offer is one that I was doing with Trifecta until it shut down, now it will be Picture It & Write.

The next is set five hundred years after “When Earthers Attack” and is around the ancestor of Daniel from that story.

After that is Listen With Mama about boys that have vanished, and “Mama” knows who did it and is not looking forward to another confrontation with them.

Finally (for now) Cora is the daughter of Zeus and a human.

When Earthers Attack

Till Undeath Us Do Part

Off Her Offer

Dan’s The Man – Albeit An Alien One

Listen With Mama

Cora – Half God Half Something Else

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