Photography Cheats

These are photography Cheat Sheets from magazines as well as other hints and tips that have been spotted around the internet..


shutter speed explained



61 thoughts on “Photography Cheats

    • Thanks Jill. Glad to have helped 🙂 I have recently started using the Sports function and although I am still getting to grips with it, some of the shots are coming out well as it set to capture life in less than a second. It’s the one with the runner on it. I should clear this page up and set things into different categories.

      Thanks Jill 🙂

  1. This page is so cool! Just made a lot of notes and will put that info into my camera bag. Thank you Alastair!
    (I’ll have to look up and download the complete manual for my camera on the Internet, as well…)

    Much love,

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  3. I love , love, love this page. I have sat and read and reread. I think I spent an hour here playing with my camera and reading. I have learned so much, thank you my dearest friend. I wish I could just hug you so much

  4. OMG I was thinking I wish there was a book mark for this page. They did not mention the chicken neck. Sitting up straight and hold up your chin so you don’t have chicken neck! LOL Or as my friend says, the gobbler! Oh my! TMI I think!

  5. I never saw this before. This is so very helpful for someone considering a camera purchase soon! Thanks!

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  7. I hadn’t noticed this interesting page on your blog before. Very useful tips and guides! I am on the verge of starting a photo blog to compliment my nostalgia related blog. I only use a Fuji S5700 compact, but it does have a lot of good manual options, and I used to use Olympus OM10 and OM40 before I went digital, so I have some experience. Reading blogs like yours makes me want to get back into photography more again and share the results. 🙂

  8. I’ve finally got the downtime to visit your blog more thoroughly. I’ve been wanting to check this page out. It’s getting kinda long but still manageable to read. I bookmarked it already on my desktop 🙂 Thanks for coming up with this. Do you also have video tutorials? I saw on your gravatar you had a youtube channel but haven’t had the time to check yet.

    Just an idea here, up to you if you want to take it up – how about a dedicated blog for photography also, like the one you’re planning for fictioneers, for feedback and stuff? I’ve been looking for a “friendly” one but haven’t found any just the one I joined on FB.

    Good job!

    • I’m planning on changing the photography cheats into several pages as it is getting long as you say. I have several more cards to put on, but I want to sort the page out first.

      I doubt I will do video tutorials as I hate being on camera as it is, and I detest the sound of my voice.

      Starting another blog for photography advice … that’s an idea, bur I’ll see how the writing blog goes first.

      Thanks for your support

  9. This is great! I got a Canon EOS 600D a few months ago, but the whole manual business was doing my head in! I just recently started exploring manual settings again,thanks for posting this. The ISO, Shutter speed and aperture really aren’t that scary anymore 🙂

    • I’m going to be sorting out into nested pages soon as it will end up getting too long. I’m glad you found it useful. I have more that I will be uploading soon

  10. Hi Alastair, great info, thanks! I have an Olympus SP-800UZ, i don’t think I can shoot in raw or change the F stop – am I missing something, other than a better camera:-)

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