The Mindf*ck Series

I received a suggestion recently of a book I should read. Or rather, a series of books. They are on Kindle Unlimited, and as I have Amazon Prime, I have that anyway. So I decided to give them a go. The series is called the Mindf*ck Series and it is a Horror/Dark/Romance series. I don’t normally read romance … thinks back to when I read Love In The Time Of Cholera, Pride And Prejudice, Calico … I occasionally read romance, but not often, so I went into this series not knowing what to expect.

I will say, I was surprised to see a trigger warning at the beginning of the book saying that if people are triggered, then avoid parts that are in italics. When you reach those parts, then you see just WHY they have a trigger warning. Another note at the beginning is “For those who are still suffering, for those who haven’t found their voice, and for those who are too scared to come out. This is for you“.

The books follow two people. One is an FBI profiler akin to Criminal Minds, and the other is a Serial Killer who is taking people out who participated in the brutal rape and murder of a man and his teenage son and daughter.

The writer does a good job of filling in how the killer can escape to carry on murdering when the profiler is around her a lot of the time. It is certainly a love story with a difference, and it is well written. It is not up there with the Shakespeare authors or the Dickens writers, but it is also better than if it was on Wattpad or Fictionaut.

Each book is around 130-180 pages long, so in themselves not a long read, but if they were one book, then it may have been a bit too much at almost 800 pages.

I would have liked to have read more of S T Abby’s books, but unfortunately, she passed away in July 2021. She does have two other pen names though, one which writes Reverse Harem romance (Kristy Cunning), and one for all other romance – Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Comedy, anything not dark or Reverse Harem – (C M Owens).

There is a Facebook book club that has been carried on in her name where you can talk to other people who have enjoyed her books. If you like Dark Romance, then give this series a go. It’s on Kindle Unlimited, so it won’t cost you anything.

Immortality – A Resurgance

We look at members of our family as being immortal. We hear of something on the news or from someone else or read it in the paper, and our first reaction is usually “thankfully that won’t happen to me”. Even when something happens to extended family, it’s not the same as immediate family. If your aunt or your uncle is diagnosed with a terminal illness, then we feel for them, but we thank whoever that it isn’t our immediate family.

What happens then when it IS our immediate family. When you are told that your father has a disease that kills. Then he trials a drug and is cured. But in the meantime you are watching the weight fall from him as he vomits every night. When the tiniest drop of blood can harm you. But then he is cured and it reaffirms the notion that your family is immortal.

Then your mother becomes ill. Told there is a brain tumour. The thoughts that run through your head are too fast. They operate though and remove it. Once again, your family is immortal. Then she has something wrong with her stomach. If she doesn’t get it sorted, she’ll die. Another operation later and once again, your family is immortal.

Your sister contracts Tuberculosis (TB) and is locked in a room in hospital. They tell you that she has only one working lung and that is not 100% efficient. But she survives. Your family is immortal. Your mother has a stroke. Puts her in hospital for months. She has to learn how to use the muscles on the side of her face again. But she survives. Your family is immortal. Arthritis spreads through her body, getting to every joint and some not joints. But she remains happy because your family is immortal.

Then your father, again, parts of him start to fail. His knees, his back. He has to have operations to fix it. Which he does. Everything is good. Yes, he will have to have other operations, but that’s not a problem. After all, your family is immortal.

And then it happens. That moment that knocks you off of your feet. Has you crying in a corner because your family is supposed to be immortal. These things aren’t supposed to happen to you. They happen to other people. Not you. YOUR. FAMILY. IS. IMMORTAL!!! The doctor’s have to be wrong. They have to be. They’ve misdiagnosed. It’s not cancer. Not your mother. It’s not allowed to be. When they say it’s inoperable, they don’t know that. There’s got to be something. Your family is immortal. It turns out that they were wrong, and it was a shadow. They mistook it for something else. Once again, your family is immortal.

Your father has a heart attack, but it’s okay. He’s in hospital at the time, which proves that your family is immortal. But they find something else. But that’s okay, they deal with it. Because your family is immortal. He has to have a bypass operation, and you are happy with that because it means he truly is immortal.

But then …

Immortality fails. And there is no coming back from it. You get a call from your sister at 6.40 in the morning saying “he’s gone”. You realise immortality is not real. Immortality is what you see when you don’t want to see. Immortality is a hope you have so you don’t think about the alternative. Immortality is your hope that your family will be there forever. But they won’t. Nobody is immortal. Not in the physical sense.

They are immortal in your heart. They will live forever with you in your thoughts, and your actions. So once again, your family is immortal.

November 6th 1939 – November 22nd 2019

Something New Is Coming

I am making a slight change to the blog. I am going to post something.

Seriously though, I am thinking that because I don’t have a lot of time with my streaming, I may start doing VLOGs instead. It is quicker for me to do that than it is to write something. Even though I am writing this.

I can do some editing whilst I do other things. So expect something new soon.

I am already posting some video items into my Instagram and my YouTube, so it’s only a small step to add them here as well.