Daily Prompt: Release Me

Tell us about the blog post you were most nervous to publish — and what it was like to set it free.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FREE.

There have been several posts that I have been very nervous about posting. I think the one of the two I was MOST nervous about though, had to be “Sometimes“. I read a poem by the brilliant poet, Christina of Reconstructing Christina called Evermore. It was my first ever poem and I was in a very place at the time of writing it. The poem was about how I felt at the time.


Sometimes I don’t want to care
Sometimes I want to lay my soul bare

Sometimes I want to think like others think
Sometimes I have watched and felt my heart sink

Sometimes I don’t want to give a damn about anything
Sometimes I want to hide when I hear the phone ring

Sometimes I want to look at things and say “yeah so what!”
Sometimes I want to be nothing more than a speck or a dot

Sometimes I wish I could think “this is a violin playing just for you”
Sometimes I wish there were nice things I could just say or do

Sometimes I want to curl up into a ball and ignore the world
Sometimes I wish I could go back to before my world unfurled

Sometimes I want to shut out all of the world’s noises
Sometimes I wish I had never made the wrong choices

Sometimes I just want to cry
Sometimes I just want to ….


The second that I was extremely worried about was a poem completely out of my comfort zone. I am only going to put a link to it, and I will warn you that it alludes to a highly sexual encounter with sexual imagery.

this is a link to the poem

As for showing “Free” it has to be this photo.

October 06 2013

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Whimsical Wednesday – Lost Love

Jem FarmerThe Boi Poet, says:

As a poet I read a lot of poetry and some more on top. I also find one line taken out of context can lead to a whole new dimension of creativity. The idea of this challenge therefore is to create what comes to mind from lines of poetry.

This week’s lines of poetry are:

and I know she would not like that – At Emily’s in Amherst by David Ray

And lust of fame was but a dream – The Old Stoic by Emily Bronte

that never fit into the distant waves – Puzzle Dust by Dorianne Laux

I went for the third line. I don’t know why it appealed to me. I look at these every week and they never jump out at me like they did this week. If you want to have a go, head over there.


For three years she sat
Waiting for her love
Each day she prayed
To her lord up above

Not a word did she have
No answer to her  prayer
After time she wondered
If anyone was really there

The woman’s child would watch
As her mother sat with tears
Day after day she saw
Her mother age in years

The mother looked upon her child
Seeing her with pride
The strength she passed to her
Every time she cried

Love Lost

Fifty years now passed
Her love a memory
Her daughter sat with her
As her soul was set free

A beautiful spirit came for her
It sped her across sea and land
There she did meet her love
When he reached to take her hand

Now her love was reunited
After she had taken her last breath
Together they were rejoined
She was with him now in death

© A Forbes 2013

Sunset Memories

This post has scenes of a sexual nature. If this offends, please change your channel.


I watch the end of another day
As the sun sets into the sea
The water lapping at my feet
I think of you being with me


My calloused hand in your hand
Gently stroking your fingers
I think of your perfume
And the scent that lingers

I remember the last time I saw you
Your beauty always in place
My hand leaves your hand
And rests upon your face

Then you gently hold my waist
And instantly, my breath catches
I watch you bite your lower lip
Then your breath, and mine, matches


I look deep into your eyes
Not surprised with what is there
Two people locked in an embrace
Both bodies naked and bare

Memories come flooding back
of what was, and what has been
The last time we made love
Our bodies, a glistening sheen


We will be in each others arms again
Of that I am definitely sure
So until I hold you next time
And I take you through my door

I stand from the sodden beach
The sunset now a glowing fire
And slowly make my way home
Thinking only of my heart’s desire

© Alastair Forbes 2013



Romance is for the lovers
Romance is for the joyous
Romance is for the girls
Romance is for the boys

Love is for the romantics
Love is for the old
Love is for the young
Love is for the bold

Joy is for the sisters
Joy is for the brothers
Joy is for the children
Joy is for the lovers

November 09 2012

Passion is for the fathers
Passion is for the mothers
Passion is for the parents
Passion is for the others

Hope is for the Newlyweds
Hope is for the long-married
Hope is for the quick
Hope is for the tarried

Beauty is for the women
Beauty is for the men
Beauty is for the sky
Beauty is for … when?

© Alastair Forbes 2013