Sunday Photo Fiction – Father’s Day

Sunday Photo Fiction is run by the awesome Susan Spalding. The idea is to write a story in 200 words or less based on the photo provided.

This week’s photo is supplied by Susan herself. If you want to have a go, click on the link above, and there are other stories if you click: this link


© Susan Spalding

Sitting cross-legged, Gerald tried to stop the tears from falling. Father’s Day was always a wondrous day, but courtesy of the witch in the wilds in the woods; this year would be so different. The spell she cast meant he couldn’t spend the time with his son.

All he had done was try to find something to eat for himself and his son, and she cast a spell, changing his relationship with his son forever. It was a stupid mistake that should never have happened.

The bird looked at him and squawked. He couldn’t understand what it was saying, not since he became human and his son was still a bird.

30 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Father’s Day

      • I’m doing pretty good. I love your new logo profile. I’m still looking into finding a good fit for a job. It’s nice to have the break from my crazy schedule. Alex is doing better so I’m happy for that. So good to see you here A. Sending hugs and love your way! 🧡💜🦋

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  2. Good one, Alastair! You crossed my mind the other day, so I’m glad to see this post! I hope you’re doing well also. As you might have guessed, my spirit animal is the wolf. But, if I could be a bird, I’d be a great horned owl. They have wicked yellow-gold eyes and a head that swivels 360°. I don’t have those attributes, but I am a carnivore and like to fly in and scare people. I’m also incredibly smart. Weird, definitely, but smart as well.

  3. Good to see you here writing Al, and a fun little twist of a story. I’ve often thought how nice it would be to be a duck, swimming around all day, I wonder if any ducks want to try being a human? 🙂

  4. There is a lot of symbolism here (intended or not). Too many fathers and sons find themselves separated and unable to communicate for stupid reasons. Good story Al. Glad you joined us this week

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