A Photo A Day … September 30 2012

For the last day of September, I managed to get a car that you don’t see often. A Bentley. An archetypal “rich man’s” car. These are up with Rolls Royce for “Tally-Ho” and “What-ho” people. Me? I’d prefer an RV lol. I’ve pixelated the driver’s face to protect his identity.

You’re An Alien


I was listening to my iTunes today and a song came on (hah! there’s a surprise) – okay, let’s rephrase that. A song came on that captured my attention. It made me look for the version that was on X-Factor UK last year with Little Mix – the winners. I wanted them to win even though it’s all a fix (in my opinion). So here are both versions of the song. X-Factor Little Mix first, then Katy Perry and Kanye West.


Weekly Travel Theme: Foliage

Because the Weekly Photo Challenge hasn’t turned up this week, I had an invite from Alisa to take part in her challenge instead. I’m grateful for her to think of me and asking me to take part. Here’s a few photos of foliage that I have taken.

A Photo A Day … September 29 2012

Went to my sister’s field today to get the barrow as we thought it would be easier to move stuff. Well, that’s what thought does for you. Anyhoo, while we were there, her horses – both rescues – came to the fence to say hi.