Capture The Colour Competition


I am entering the Capture the Colour competition with after Alice Through The Macro Lens put me down as one of her five nominations – thank you for thinking of me with this Alice 🙂


Okay, I have quite a lot of blue photos, but they are all sky ones, and I didn’t want to use the cliché of how blue the sky looks. So I went beck through some of my old photos, and I chose this one. It is a blue food dye that I used in my first project to take a photo of “burning” water. I took the photo using the blue dye then inverted the colours to make it look like it was on fire.



This fellow is one of my favourite photos. I took about 200 of him as he was just gorgeous. Well camouflaged on his green leaf and being so tiny. This is not the same photo I used in my Photo of The Day . Same creature, different angle.


I love to take photos of the sunrise. I can’t do it so much at the moment as the sun rises very early and at the wrong angle for me. This, though, is one that I took in January or February.



I took this with my shutter open for about five seconds so I could capture the moonlight across the sea.


I took this one when I was in a garden centre. I was looking all over for decent pictures, and then my daughter spotted this flower. I think it is gorgeous

This closes tomorrow, but I was nominated today, so I am going to nominate five people, but don’t worry if you don’t have time to do them

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All photos were taken by myself and are © Alastair Forbes