My ears are for awards coming out of…

Not one, not two, but three awards. Thank you, thank you and thank you. It is very humbling to think that people like my blog enough to nominate me for awards. It must mean I am doing something right.

I have received the One Lovely Blog Award from Leanne, the Sunshine Award from Rachel and another One Lovely Blog award also from Rachel. I thank you for these. It brings a huge smile to my face, and now I will do my best to answer some questions.

Okay, Rule One– Thank people who nominated me.

Thank you Rachel at A Dog With Fleas for the Sunshine Award

Thank you Leanne at Mindfullness4Now for the One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you Rachel at A Dog With Fleas for the One Lovely Blog Award

Then, Rule Two – include images of the awards

From Leanne

On to Rule Three – Seven things about yourself. Three awards, three times, makes 21. Hmmm.

  1. I am a Cancerian
  2. I am right on the cusp of Gemini
  3. I have only ever had seven relationships in my life
  4. I am looking forward to Dr Who starting next Saturday
  5. I dressed up as a girl once, and my sister wanted to know when she was wearing the clothes from the photo, then saw the size of the feet lol
  6. I would love to see what the world looked like through my son’s eyes.
  7. I love doing Arrow-words
  8. I once met Formula One ace James Hunt
  9. I am trying to lower my cholesterol as it is too high
  10. I would love to stroke a black panther
  11. My favourite character from Twilight is Alice Cullen
  12. I don’t like people seeing what I look like
  13. I can’t stand fish
  14. I flew in a private plane once
  15. My dad FLEW a private plane once
  16. My favourite colour is dark green
  17. I have more than fifty different shaped dice
  18. I’ve never had a job for more than two years at a time
  19. I used to be in the SAS …. (Saturdays and Sundays – Territorial Army)
  20. Last year I had my hair cut from half way down my back to a grade 3
  21. Sometimes I feel very lonely

Now the fun bit, Rule Four – choosing people for the awards – 3 awards – 3 lots of 7

From Leanne

(From Rachel)

  1. Becoming Cliché
  2. Me, My Weird Thoughts And I
  3. Reconstructing Christina
  4. The Why About This
  5. Through The Healing Lens
  6. Share Chair
  7. Land of Fun

(From Leanne)

  1. Print Sense Photoghraphy
  2. Bad Puppet Productions
  3. A Dog With Fleas
  4. The Little Leaf
  5. Mango Shenanigans
  6. Nature’s Walk Photography
  7. iPhone Photography

(From Rachel)

  1. Film Photography Is Not Dead
  2. Shoot About
  3. Northier Than Thou
  4. Jodi Ambrose
  5. Cat In Water
  6. Photography of Nia
  7. Graffs en Capitales