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I was reading someone else’s blog (I won’t say who’s – although I don’t believe they follow mine so most of you will know it’s not you I’m talking about) and I really felt for the author. The person was having problems with an adult child (their kid but over 20) who has – I suppose problems is the only word I can use although I don’t like to say it that way. This person mentioned what their adult/child had been doing, and why a doctor’s appointment was necessary and also why the author needed to get some clean air before having a meltdown. I do feel sorry for her.

What infuriated me was a comment of one of the blog’s followers. This follower, a woman (not judging any woman by her as most are not like this one) stated her daughter has mental and emotional issues that caused her (follower) to have a breakdown. She has to deal with her daughter complaining to her. I thought that’s what parents were for??? We listen to our kids when they complain, and we try to help them! We don’t say that they were the reason we had a breakdown! Even if it was, why tell the world about it?

She then goes on to say that her daughter has got with a man has Asperger’s Syndrome. Only she hasn’t done her homework and has called it something completely different. I googled what she put, and the only thing that came up was “Showing result for Asperger’s syndrome” Apparently he controls her daughter and now she treats the follower like crap. Maybe he opened her eyes as to how her mother felt about her?

She thanks god that her daughter knows she can’t handle kids, and that she is not guilty for the feelings she has.

I could never be like that to my kids. NEVER.

Maybe I am wrong and see things from a narrow view point.

What do you think?

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Isn’t funny how we look for composition. Some of us practise it and for others it comes naturally.

My mother was an artist so composition came naturally to me. Maybe I was born with it….maybe its…..oh no that sounds like an ad! Seriously if you’re not born with composition then you will find it comes with practise. I think I learned how to compose an image as a child. Television and movies were my forte. Living in Sydney I would visit the cinema with a mate at least three times a month and the video rental card certainly got a work out too – normally 7 movies a week. When I watched a movie or TV show I would constantly look at the way the Director of Photography composed a scene. People were allocated head room and looking space…it was always consistent teaching. Two thirds looking room with the subject on a third line.

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