A Photo A Day … August 10 2012

We are now into double figures of August. It’s hard to believe that apart from just two or three days, I have posted a photo every day this year. Not all were on here, I started on Facebook, then was uploading them a month at a time here until I had more people visiting, then posting every day. There’s less than five months of this year left (just over four of this life if you believe the Mayans) and I think I have managed to capture some great shots. The ones I tend to catch the most are plants or bugs. I spent the afternoon at Dover Castle today with my daughter and nephews so took quite a lot of photos. These photos will be appearing on my Facebook page here over the next couple of days. For me, the best photo I took was on the way out when I started on the flowers. There was a butterfly that I thought I was finally going to be able to capture but it flew off before I brought my camera to bear on it. This was my next target …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

The Daily Post challenge for this week is “Wrong”. Although this can be either very difficult to capture or very easy, there will be more than a variety of different interpretations.

My interpretation is that a 700 year old castle should not have a car parked outside it.