Fly By

I read the latest post by my friend, Penny at The Why About This, and it created a stir in my mental juices as to what the world is currently facing. I had an image of a bird in my mind. So this poem was inspired by “When Words Overwhelm

Fly by night
Fly by free
Fly by flower
Fly by tree


Fly by day
Fly by sun
Fly by many
Fly by none


Fly by star
Fly by moon
Fly by sand
Fly by dune


Fly by summer
Fly by glow
Fly by winter
Fly by snow


Fly by country
Fly by state
Fly by anger
Fly by hate


Fly by sirens
Fly by flash
Fly by fallout
Fly by ash


Fly by death
Fly by strife
Fly by everywhere
Looking for life …


© A Forbes 2017

All images found on Google Images

Don’t let our world come to this.

Friday Fictioneers – Oscar’s Passion

Every week the lovely Rochelle gives us a photo that has been donated to her for us to write a story or poem in 100 words or less. Not as easy as it sounds.

If you want to have a go, then click on the Friday Fictioneers image, and if you want to read what others have written, then click on the froggy.


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Oscar bought a bouquet of flowers and skipped a little as he left the florist. Heading home on the bus with a grin on his face, his mind went back to an evening of passion with Wendy. He remembered all the things she did to him, and his breath caught at some of the moments.

His mind stuck in the evening, he missed his stop and had to walk a fair way home. He stopped as he noticed a familiar vehicle in his driveway. It was Wendy’s car. She was visiting his wife. He knew there would be fireworks now.