Good Bye Sweet Tabitha

In 2006, we moved to a three bedroom property from a two bedroom place. When we moved in, there was a cat already living there. I kept kicking her out, thinking that she was a neighbour’s cat. Then found out that people who lived there before were not able to take her when they moved. They had been evicted and the people they moved in with, told them they could not bring all of their animals. When we found this out, we decided to take her in as she had nowhere else to go.

Of course, when it came to the divorce, I kept the kids, the house and the cats. All four of them at that point.

Then in 2010, the kids and I moved to Leicester, in the Midlands of the UK, and took Tabitha with us. She loved it there, but in October the same year, we had to move again, and she came back with us.

Last year, Tabitha had a fit, and then a couple of days later, she had another one. She started falling over, and then she recovered and seemed fine. In December, she had another fit. Then she would walk into things, look at things that weren’t there.

 The beginning of January, Tabitha became incontinent and started eating things she shouldn’t. As in – she would eat the stones from her litter tray, or pieces of paper. I spoke to several people, and it seemed that she was on a one way journey.

I took Tabitha to the vets today, and after the vet examined her, she said that there was something seriously wrong with Tabitha’s brain, and there was only one way we could help her.

I held onto Tabitha throughout the whole time, just stroking her and talking to her as she went to sleep.

She was 10 when we got her, and 17 when she went. She will be missed immensely, she was a beautiful creature.

A Photo A Day … November 09 2013

I looked out my balcony doors today, and one of the gulls was back. They haven’t been around for a while, so I was quite happy to see it. I started taking photos of it on the balcony railing, and then the cat caught sight and ran for it. The door was shut, but it was enough to scare the bird off. I went and put my shoes on and the hood of my camera lens, then went outside in the rain. I threw the poor thing some bread, but as you can see, it was raining quite hard and you can see the raindrops on the back feathers.

November 09 2013