A Photo A Day … August 31 2012

So glad it’s the last day of the month today. I was on my balcony with a baby seagull on next door’s roof doing a photo shoot – I swear it was posing for me, and after taking about 13-14 photos of it, I tried pressing the shutter – and nothing. Again – nothing. And again. I looked to see if the flash had popped up – nope. Looked at the screen – [Memory card full] So now I know my 8gb memory card will take 2128 large photos. If I’m going to start playing with RAW I think I need a bigger memory card.

This was what really caught my eye today – a five mast cruise ship complete with party on top deck.

We get through


I have been watching the Paralympics today, and I find it incredible how the athletes do what they do. How they manage with their disabilities is astounding. After finding ways to cope with their disabilities, they then say “I know, I’m going to be the best sportsperson I can be”. This morning I have watched the Paralympics on Channel 4 (in the UK). The wheelchair sprinting surprised me. Their upper body strength is superlative. Then, I saw something incredible – blind cycle sprint. The cyclists were on tandems and had a “pilot”. Doesn’t stop it from being incredible though. The speed they go around, on a thin frame and not able to see!

The swimming! Yesterday, I watched a swimmer win who had no arms. This morning, there was someone who broke the record who had no legs. Cyclists with only one leg, swimmers with one arm, and to top it all off – blind football.

These people have faced the biggest of hardships and managed to come through. They show us that just because something is not going our way, doesn’t mean it is the end. Maybe it is the beginning of a new life. A new way of living, coping, winning.

We lose – we win. We win – we win.

Life is a hardship that we CAN get through even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.There is a saying “There are people worse off than you”. When you see these people winning gold, silver or bronze medals, or even just taking part in the Paralympics, then it makes our problems seem secondary.

I am proud of our Plympians.