A Photo A Day … November 08 2013

I decided to take photographs of the flowers I brought yesterday. Unfortunately, I could not manage to get a decent photo. I even tried taking photos of a leaf, but couldn’t do that either. Today has not been a good day for taking photos, they have not come out too well. The photo I decided to use is that of a tree that has shed most of its leaves but left some in a clump. 

November 08 2013

A Photo A Day … November 07 2013

I thought I would go for something completely different, and I had been planning this for a week or so, and as such was letting something go, and still watching it but not touching for fear of ruination. The flowers that I photographed last month, I let them stay, so this is a photo of decay. You can see cobwebs across the top where I didn’t dare move them in case bits fell off. Which they did when I had finished photographing.

November 07 2013

A Photo A Day … November 02 2013

It amazes me how life can take route anywhere and anyhow. I live on the second level of a Victorian era property with very thick walls. It appears that these walls can sustain some form of life. It is amazing how life can cling to something. How something so delicate can grow out of something so harsh.

November 02 2013


A Photo A Day … November 01 2013

Okay, so next month is Christmas. Sorry, couldn’t resist that. With it now being November, the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer and the weather is getting colder. Well, in the northern hemisphere anyway. In the southern hemisphere, reverse everything I just said. Except the bit about Christmas. That’s still next month. 55 days away.

I went out shopping late today, so my flash got a workout when I was taking photos, but it caused a lot of darkness in the background. This shot, however, was made better by the darkness behind.

November 01 2013