A Photo A Day … August 30 2012

I love the colour of clouds sometimes, and this evening was one of those times. We had a slight thunderstorm today. Well, one flash and a rumble. The skies were varying shades of grey from almost white to almost black, with these shades in the middle. “Red sky at night ..  shepherds delight” or Sailors delight depending on where you come from.

To Feel

To feel Hate
Keeps your heart black

To feel Fear
Keeps your mind in overdrive

To feel Envy
Keeps your eyes green

To feel Anger
Keeps your brain screaming

To feel Sorrow
Keeps your eyes damp

To feel Lust
Keeps your nerves tingling

To feel Pride
Keeps your face bright

To feel Pain
Keeps you knowing you are awake

To feel Happiness
Keeps your body warm

To feel Love
Keeps your heart pounding

To feel ...
Keeps you alive

© Alastair Forbes 2012