Sometimes … (Inspired by Christina ~)

Thank you Christina~ who inspired me to write this with her poem – Evermore. I’ve not actually written poetry before, so I apologise for the nature and the layout, and everything.

Sometimes I don’t want to care
Sometimes I want to lay my soul bare

Sometimes I want to think like others think
Sometimes I have watched and felt my heart sink

Sometimes I don’t want to give a damn about anything
Sometimes I want to hide when I hear the phone ring

Sometimes I want to look at things and say “yeah so what!”
Sometimes I want to be nothing more than a speck or a dot

Sometimes I wish I could think “this is a violin playing just for you”
Sometimes I wish there were nice things I could just say or do

Sometimes I want to curl up into a ball and ignore the world
Sometimes I wish I could go back to before my world unfurled

Sometimes I want to shut out all of the world’s noises
Sometimes I wish I had never made the wrong choices

Sometimes I just want to cry
Sometimes I just want to ….

© Alastair Forbes 2012