Yearly “Snow On Your Blog” Post

Every year about this time, I post telling people how to switch on or off the snow that falls on your blog. Some people love it, others hate it, and some are just “meh”.

So, here is how you switch the snow on if you want it, or off if you don’t. And if you aren’t bothered, you can click the “A Mixed Bag” image on the right to take you to a random post.

So, head over to your own page hover over the MY SITES on the top left of your title bar.


Then scroll down and click the “Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th” so you can either turn it on or off.


You can either have it on or off by ticking or unticking the tick box. Tikkidee boo.

How To Create A Pingback

I was asked on my Sunday Photo Fiction Blog by someone how to do a pingback, so I thought I would create a post on it with easy to follow images. Or at least I hope they are easy to follow.

Creating a pingback to someone else’s post can seem hard, but it is one of the easiest things to do. I am going to create one to my Sunday Photo Fiction blog.

I will start by typing the writing that I want to use as the pingback.

Sunday Photo Fiction – April 24th 2016

This is my post that will go live at 4am BST

First. go to the page the want to link TO and highlight the address


Then either press CTRL+C or right click with your mouse and select COPY


Next, select and highlight the text you want to use as the link.


Locate the icon at the top of the edit window that looks like a chain.


This will open a new dialogue box.


In the box marked URL, either press CTRL+V or right click in the box and select Paste


This will paste the address you want to ping to.


Select Open Link In New Window if you wish, and then press Add Link. Simple as that.

You end up with this link:

Sunday Photo Fiction – April 24th 2016

How To Get Rid of Polldaddy Link

Okay, so I had a look through the forums and there was one where someone explained how to get of them. The way they said was almost unfollowable, so I just went through and clicked things that were similar and found it. I have decided to to screenshot some of them, and post them here so you can get rid of them as well.







Polldaddy Question

Does anyone else have links to polldaddy in their comments from the notifications drop-down menu?

I am going to contact support, but as it Christmas, I may not get a response until February so wanted to if anyone else has the problem.

Here is a screenshot of what I mean.

EDIT: I found out how to fix it. There is a link HERE