If Nothing Ever Changed, There Would Be No Butterflies

We look at things and we want them to stay how they are, we think them beautiful, we think them a sight we would give everything for, we think them perfection. Maybe they are at that time, but what if they change? When we say “please don’t ever change ” what happens if they do change and they become something better? Something incredible? People are like caterpillars. They may be at a point where they are lovely, where they are beautiful. What if they become something more. With you in their life, they may become a cocoon, you may be the person that causes them to spread their wings, to become the beautiful butterfly.

And about you …

Your life can change in a second when you look at it for what it is and not what you thought it was.

Thanks to:

Back Towards Light

Beat Redundancy Blues (Blog)

Random Thoughts n Lotsa Coffee

The Ouroboros

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19 thoughts on “If Nothing Ever Changed, There Would Be No Butterflies

    • You’re right. It is one of the guarantees in our lives. Even though some change will be bad, it won’t last forever and a change for the better will happen. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. Something good will change for the worse.

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