Sunrise … Sunset

Okay, so it is more Sunset … Sunrise. I took the Sunset last night, and the Sunrise was this morning.




32 thoughts on “Sunrise … Sunset

  1. Love the photos. The second one captures a wonderful hue to the sky. From the scene it all looks peaceful but knowing the docks, probably not in reality!

    • Thanks Ste J. Yeah ships leave every 45 minutes so there are always cars and lorries going in and coming out. There is the odd time here and there when it is quiet. Then I tend to look out the window to see if anything has happened.

      • I always like those small lulls, the peace that is so alien yet all the more exciting for it is something that always interests me in these situations. Or perhaps i just dwell to much on these things.

        • Right now … there is nothing moving outside. Well, except for the light on the light house. It is so peaceful. I like getting the streaming light trails not long after the boats have kicked off as there are a lot of them so it is a stronger trails. Keep the shutter open for about 2 minutes whilst the cars are going past and the trails are pretty strong

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