Friday Fictioneers: Gathering Information

Every week Rochelle hosts Friday Fictioneers which is where she gives us an image as a prompt to write flash fiction – a short story – of around 100 words. If you want to know more, pop over to her blog here.

I also want to say well done to Rochelle who took over the Friday Fictioneers a year ago. Fantastic, and thank you for keeping it going.

Over the last few months, I have been doing a story with Jules at Jules in Flashy Fiction. The story is a vampire called Raynard chasing his prey – Saskia. Raynard has a vampire with him named Tess, and Saskia has several people with her who use magic. You can find the complete story at the top of the page under Fiction / Friday Fictioneers. You may want to check out her poetry blog and give her longer strands poetry blog a visit as well.

Jules’s Saskia side will be linked once she has written it.


© copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Gathering Information

Keyboard pieces lay across the floor. It had not taken Raynard long to convince the man to let Tess and himself in. As a friend of some of Saskia’s friends, he needed to withdraw the information from the man any way possible.

Raynard looked around the room at the blood and bodies as Tess wiped her mouth after having fed to gather the information needed. Tess used knives to hide the damage inflicted by their teeth whilst Raynard turned the power off and removed fuses so they could leave in complete darkness with no witnesses.

 Their next target now had a name. Rose.

A Photo A Day … October 23 2013

For some reason, the LinkedIn connection won’t work. It just keeps asking me to refresh the connection. I am hoping it will sort itself out today sometime or tomorrow.

Anyway, I did try to take photos of a wasp, but it was too windy and the leaf would not stand still. In the end, I decided to use multicoloured trees. I love the colours that leaves go in the Autumn / Fall.

October 23 2013