A Photo A Day … October 14 2013

When I took my daughter to the doctor’s today, we had about an hour and a half before both of hour prescriptions were filled out so we went for a coffee (hot chocolate for her) and then I had an idea. I brought some biscuits from the supermarket – Rich Tea Fingers as they are cheap and easily crushed. We went to where I normally photograph the ducks, and I crushed some up to give to pigeons, and had them eating out of my hands. I did try and get one to jump onto my arm, and you could see it thinking about it, but it didn’t pluck up the guts. Also on the wall with the pigeons, was “beaky” the seagull with the broken beak. I threw a piece of biscuit for it, and it used the bottom of it’s beak to sweep it into the water and then flew down to grab it. It was incredible how it adapted.

Several of the pigeons grabbed at my fingers after crumbs, but it didn’t hurt. I loved doing it. How they were tame enough to take it and then attacked each other – chest bumping – to try and get closer.

I didn’t have my camera out at that point though. On the way home, I spotted this reflection in a puddle of a bus. I felt that it was looking through a separate dimension.

October 14 2013

See The Positive In Yourself

When you look in the mirror, do you see the bad in yourself? Why? When you look in the mirror, see the good. Look at the fact you have eyes that can see. You have a nose that can smell. You have ears that can hear. You have a mouth that can speak. Smile … Things are going to get better.

I would like to thank Penny for the second image. One that she has created herself.

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