Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness

Remember when you are in a bad position, when you feel so low that everything is dark, that you feel that there is no way up or out. It seems that darkness is the only thing surrounding you. There is nothing except the darkness.

Look up

See those stars? They are your friends. Reach out to them. You may find that these stars shine so brightly that your darkness is obliterated, or in the very least pushed so far back that you don’t notice it. Remember though, just as your friends are stars to you, you are also a shining star to your friends. Let them know you are there for them, the same as they are there for you.

I hope the rest of your week is good.

Thanks today go to:

Amidst The Thoughts

Anja Partin (Blog)

Chocolate Socrates

Christina ~ (Blog)

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28 thoughts on “Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness

    • Thank you LuAnn 🙂 I do sometimes wonder what to write in that part of the post. Trying to find something to say can be quite challenging at times

      • I feel that way about most of my posts but you do a tremendous job of this Al. I enjoy what you write as much as the inspirational quotes you add.

          • I hope you know I sincerely mean this. I gravitate toward thought-provoking posts and have been struggling with my own blog of late because I would like to move away from a travel blog and write more from my heart. The tough part is that most RVers are all about the adventure so I don’t believe they would be very interested and the type of blog I have right now it is a good way to keep track of where other RVers are in the country, as well as finding interesting places to visit. Do I start another blog? I’m not sure I want to commit to that either. Decisions, decisions.

            • Starting another blog takes a lot of time and effort. Plus there is building the readership back again. It is okay people saying they will follow you there, but many won’t. I think you should carry on with this one and maybe change the name to show the change of direction. Whatever you decide, I will support and follow you

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