Time …

Time through our eyes
Is fleeting in its pace
Yet seems to take forever
When watching a timepiece face

TIme 1

Hours seem like minutes
Yet minutes can seem like hours
Why can’t we know the Doctor
With all his time-travel powers

Time 4

Time and tide, they wait for no man
No woman, and no child
They seem to mesh together
Driving many of us wild

Time 2

The girl becomes a teen
Her life becomes her story
As her own grandchildren succeed
Showering themselves in glory

Time 3

Our achievements have defined us
In our life which is only lent
Some of our fame will be posthumous
As our days and hours are spent

Time 5

Then the end of life’s upon us
As we expire all our time
With hope, we’ve had a good one
As to the pearly gates, we climb

© A Forbes 2017

The End Of The World

Okay, so tomorrow it is going to be the end of the world as we know it. What I want to know is … what time and who’s time zone will it be? After all, at my time of writing this, there are some people who are already on tomorrow, and when I am on tomorrow, there will be some people who will be on yesterday. Okay, amusement over

Mayan Calendar

Some people have taken this seriously, and given up everything. They have gone to retreats and hotels where they can watch the End of the World from the best possible view. This is not The Forge Of God (Greg Bear 1987). There is going to be no climactic destruction of the earth. Well, not in our lifetime anyway. I will say, for some people, yes it will be the end of days, and I am sorry for the families and friends of those people. For others life will change and no longer be the same. Again, I am sorry for these people.

But the world will still keep turning. The tides will still keep flowing. The birds will still keep bombing people. If the Mayans could predict the end of the world, then did they take into account the Gregorian Calendar? did they go by the biblical calendar? (the one that had Noah aged 950) or is it some other calendar? The scaremongers will always find ways to try and scare us. Some times they succeed, but this time they are wrong. If it’s me that’s wrong, then feel free to tell me so on Saturday.

I will say though:

Like no one is watching

Like nobody cares

Like there’s no tomorrow


Just because the world isn’t going to end, that doesn’t mean you can’t tell that person you love them. Pluck up the guts and say it. Ask them out for a drink. Celebrate LIFE! You are alive! Be alive! Live!

And then pay for the hangover afterwards.