Stand My Ground

I was going through some blogs, trying to catch up, and I saw one from Penny on The Why About This. She has a video from one of my favourite groups, and when I was watching it, I thought of the song that goes with it. Or it goes with it in my opinion anyway. Head over to Penny’s to see the first song, then either watch the lyrics video or the official video of Stand My Ground by Within Temptation. I think I may have put this on a couple of years ago when I was doing my music posts.

“Be Strong” A Phrase That Is Easy To Say But Hard To Do When You Are Broken

Be Strong. You can say it to so many people and walk away feeling you have achieved something.

Be Strong. Two words that can make you smile because you know you have helped.

Be Strong. What if you don’t want to be?

Be Strong. What if you don’t know how to be?

Be Strong. So easy to say. Sometimes so hard to do.

Be Strong. What if you have tried that and failed?

Being strong isn’t all that you can do. Having the strength to go on when everything around you is saying “it’s okay, no-one will be surprised if you want to give in.” Being strong is just the start. You need faith as well. I don’t mean religious faith, although that wouldn’t go amiss. You need faith that it will work out. Mother Teresa once said:

I know God won’t give anything I can’t handle,
I just wish he didn’t trust me so much.

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Time Marches Ever On

Time is something that we always say we do not have enough of. Why? Because we are too busy to make time for ourselves. We are too busy trying to conform to what society wants us to do. We are too busy trying to convince people to like us. We are too busy trying to make ourselves memorable.


You are you. As Dr Seuss said: Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you.

Penny posted yesterday that “Believing in yourself. One of the most important elements for attracting opportunities that can lead to your success!PennyQuote 2014

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Memories – A Haibun

The Līgo Haībun Challenge is a weekly challenge where you choose something to create a post from. Whether it is fiction, a poem or something dear to you. It is a two-part post that is one part as I have just mentioned and the second part is where you finish with a haiku style poem. Each week, there is either two photos to choose one of; two quotes to choose one of; or two words to choose one of. This week it is two photos – “Two swings in the snow” by Ye Pirate, and “A view of grass from below” by Penny. I have chosen the swings. This brought back a memory of when I was a child of nine or ten. Every time it snowed enough, we grabbed cardboard boxes, old blankets, bread crates, anything that could be sat on and ran for one of the steepest hills. There is a photo of the hill at the bottom.

© Ye Pirate

© Ye Pirate

The snow fell as tiny flakes. Each unique, each telling a story of its own, each with its own arms attempting to grab hold of the one falling by its side. I grabbed the cardboard box and I ran to catch up with my friends. To our small legs, it seemed a long way to walk or run, but with the snow, we knew the walk ended in joy and fun.

Running up the road always hurt the chest. Always made the legs ache. Always made the eyes water as the road led up a steep incline. At the top, the road led down and through a tunnel. We ran screaming through, shrieking, and our sounds reverberating off four walls.

Emerging from the tunnel and the hardest part of the journey now lay ahead of us in the form of a steep hill. Running from side to side, making our way up so we did not use all of our strength in one go, but each wanting to be the first.

The top of the hill felt like a playground to us, with the cardboard being our swings, the breadbaskets our seesaws. The far side beckoned us children. The youngest – eight years old, the eldest – thirteen. Then the yelling as we ran and leapt onto our chosen sleds, hurtling down the side of the hill faster than we had ever travelled before.

children in winter
speeding down hills in the snow
then climbing to repeat 

Sugarloaf Hill Folkestone UK

Sugarloaf Hill