Photo of the Week 2016 – Week 11

The weather was a little obnoxious this week, which meant that the sea had a bit of a temper tantrum. I always love it when it does that as the waves are magnificent. Although I wouldn’t want to be out in it, and I do feel for anyone who has to be.

2016 Week 11

Photo of the Week 2016
Week 11

Natures Fury

With the expected bad weather last night and this morning, I figured that taking photos would be a good idea. As the kids are on holiday this week, I decided I would get up about 8 to start taking snapping. However, I forgot to unset my 06:08 alarm that I normally have for waking the kids. So I grabbed my camera, put the kettle on and started taking photos through the door. After taking a few, I decided to bite the bullet. I got dressed, put on a heavy coat and stepped outside. These are some of the photos I took. They are not all good as I was being buffeted as I was taking them, and I have also auto-toned some to bring the brightness up slightly. My favourites are the lighthouse. The storm was given the name St Jude as today is the feast of St Jude. Patron Saint of Lost Causes.

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A Photo A Day … October 28 2013

Okay, I know it is early, but with nature’s fury battering us, I was up early this morning taking photos. My kids are off school this week on their half-term. A week’s holiday to break up the school year. I took photos through my glass double doors but I could not capture decent shots. I decided to dress, put a coat on and step out onto the balcony. Aside from nearly being blown down the other end of the balcony a few times, I managed to keep relatively still. Although we can’t call it a hurricane as this storm did not start over warm air, it is hurricane force with gusts touching 100mph in some places. If I wanted a decent shot though, I needed to take the risk. There will be another post with more photos a little later.

October 28 2013