A Few Photos

Last week’s Photo of the Week was a choice of several, so I thought I would share the ones that fell by the sidelines.

Top left is the constellation Orion

Bottom is a tug showing what he can do with a spray of water. A pity I didn’t get the two tugs at once, they were spraying in unison.


August Daily Photo Challenge – August 14th – Bird Taking Off

Managing to photograph a bird as it is taking off is a lucky shot to get. You have to take the shot just as it launches. I managed that a couple of years ago, but today this one launched and then headed upwards. I would have preferred to have caught it the moment it let go, but alas I wasn’t that quick.

August 14 2015 Bird Taking Off

Birds of a Feather

Today while I was out, I decided to buy a cheap packet of biscuits and antagonise the birds and maybe have some eat out of my hands but there was a loud bang and the pigeons flew off. Then I went down to the edge of the river which was much higher than it should have been. Seagulls started attacking the ducks so I grabbed two large biscuits and threw them so that the gulls would fight over them and I could concentrate on the ducks.

The last seagull photo, I took when I was photographing the waves. It was going to be my photo of the week, but I have another for that now.