Photo of the Week 2016 – Week 20

Another six weeks and we are closer to the end of the year than the beginning. Scary thought. Not as scary as that my son is no longer a teenager in a couple of weeks.

Barely been able to get out this week. Only twice and they were times other people couldn’t do it for me. I can’t carry my camera with me anywhere so I have to rely on my Galaxy Note 3 for photos. It doesn’t take bad photos, and these bluebells came out better than I had hoped they would. I love seeing this in people’s gardens.

2016 Week 20

Photo of the Year 2015 – Reminder

If you haven’t voted for the Photo of the Year yet, then there is still time. When you vote, your email address is added to a list and goes into a draw where you could win a physical print of the winning image. When you have chosen, I will change the month to VOTED and add it to the voting list. This way, only I know which photo is winning and can’t influence the voting.

Just say in the comments which you would like to vote for. Until the voting is over, comments will be held in moderation so they don’t slip through.

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