Photo of the Week 2016 – Week 21

One of the problems with not being able to get out much is the lack of diversity in subjects for photography. There is only so much in the house that can be photographed. So this week, I thought I would go for a different angle and use a candle in a dark room.

2016 Week 21

Photo of the Week 2016
Week 21

Photo of the Week 2016 – Week 20

Another six weeks and we are closer to the end of the year than the beginning. Scary thought. Not as scary as that my son is no longer a teenager in a couple of weeks.

Barely been able to get out this week. Only twice and they were times other people couldn’t do it for me. I can’t carry my camera with me anywhere so I have to rely on my Galaxy Note 3 for photos. It doesn’t take bad photos, and these bluebells came out better than I had hoped they would. I love seeing this in people’s gardens.

2016 Week 20

Photo of the Week 2016 – Week 19

During last week, I felt that even thought the Cliffs of Dover are right behind my house, I don’t give them enough attention so I decided to give them some light in the Photo of the Week this week. I know they are an iconic landmark in this country, but it kind of gets forgotten when you see it every day.

This is one of the views from my rear balcony. Click on the image for a larger version.

2016 Week 19

Voting Opens for April 2016 Photo of the Month

I really need to give my laptop a complete overhaul. Either that or drop kick it into the middle of next week and buy a new one. So glad I have auto save on my Word which stops me keep losing everything when it crashes.

Five photos for this month’s Photo of the Month. Choose which one you like and vote using the vote button at the bottom. Click the dot beside the name of the one you like on the voting graphic, and then press vote. This will enter your decision. Then the photo will go into the Photo of the Year and someone will get the chance to win that one.

2016 Week 14

Photo of the Week 2016
Week 14

2016 Week 15

Photo of the Week 2016
Week 15

2016 Week 16

Photo of the Week 2016
Week 16

2016 Week 17

Photo of the Week 2016
Week 17

2016 Week 18

Photo of the Week 2016
Week 18