A Few Photos

Last week’s Photo of the Week was a choice of several, so I thought I would share the ones that fell by the sidelines.

Top left is the constellation Orion

Bottom is a tug showing what he can do with a spray of water. A pity I didn’t get the two tugs at once, they were spraying in unison.


A Few Random Moments From Today

I went for a stroll along the seafront today and took a few shots.

The rocks are where they are bolstering the sea defences after the horrendous flooding that we suffered.

I loved the seagull sticking its head under the water, and managed to catch another one coming into land.

A couple of the statues, and couldn’t resist the one with the perch.

Why do seagulls fly around a ferry like thunder flies around the bottom of the garden?

The constellation Orion complete with the nebula in Orion’s sword.

The moon reflecting off the sea.

Amalgamation 4: February 03 2013

I took this photo last night, and I was impressed. My gast was well and truly flabbered. I was expecting to just find a black screen, but even though zooming in, the picture isn’t that clear, you can clearly see Orion’s Belt, Orion’s Sword, and even Orion’s Nebula in the middle of the sword. So I have joined this with a song. I got the idea from something Karen said to me on one of my other posts – my Photo of the Day for yesterday – 2nd February.

This track was released in 1971 and in 1972 it hit the top spot of the UK Singles Chart and number twelve in the US Charts, although it did reach number two in the Easy Listening charts.

Cupid and Eros

The skies were dark
When love went forth
It went to the west
And then to the North

It went over oceans
And then over seas
It went over desert
Or where it heard pleas

Sometimes Eros would shoot
And hit too far and wide
Or even Cupid with his bow
Should have aimed to the side

But love is too hard
To try to break off
When eyes would meet
At the sound of a cough

But sometimes that love
Was just to break down walls
It was never intended
To turn tears into pools

The say love will conquer
It will always last
What if it’s too late
If the time has passed?

The lovers know that
They’ll be more than friends
They will protect the other
And their pains they will tend

The same couldn’t be said
For the mind that had gone off
He was the painter
The genius Van Gogh

So lovers look at stars
And they know what I mean
When I say listen to Vincent
By the great Don McLean

February 03 2013