A Few Photos

Last week’s Photo of the Week was a choice of several, so I thought I would share the ones that fell by the sidelines.

Top left is the constellation Orion

Bottom is a tug showing what he can do with a spray of water. A pity I didn’t get the two tugs at once, they were spraying in unison.


August Daily Photo Challenge – August 16 – A Light Source With A Starburst Effect

I took a fair few photos of this using different light sources – the sun, living room chandelier, dining room chandelier, lava lamp (didn’t work) wall lights, lamps. All using a star burst filter. Then I remembered the effect of the lighthouse when put on a ten second timer. I decided to go with that one.

August 16 2015 Light Source With a Starburst Pattern

A Few Random Moments From Today

I went for a stroll along the seafront today and took a few shots.

The rocks are where they are bolstering the sea defences after the horrendous flooding that we suffered.

I loved the seagull sticking its head under the water, and managed to catch another one coming into land.

A couple of the statues, and couldn’t resist the one with the perch.

Why do seagulls fly around a ferry like thunder flies around the bottom of the garden?

The constellation Orion complete with the nebula in Orion’s sword.

The moon reflecting off the sea.