Something Every Astronomer Needs

I received this book from the author with him asking if I would mention it on my blog. I’ll do one better and give a quick review.

2015 An Astronomical Year: A Reference Guide to 365 Nights of Astronomy is a guide to where all of the celestial bodies will be in 2015. The descriptions the author has given are very easy to follow, and with the images, easy to spot in the night sky as well. He uses a glossary at the beginning of the book, describing what each of the words mean making it easier to understand everything in the book and the night sky.

Images have been used to make it even easier to see where the stars, planets, galaxies, asteroids are on each given day. He has given times in GMT and how to tell where the stars will be in your part of the US.

This is the only gripe I have with this book, Bartlett only gives times in UK and US. Having times in Australian, Calcutta and maybe Canada would have been handy as well. Maybe a later revision will include those time zones.

If you are an Amateur Astronomer, then this is an essential guide for you, and to mark the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing on July 20th, the book will be available for free for five days. At all other times, the book is $5.99 (£4.99)

Go get the book and watch the night sky and see where constellations are in 2015.

2015 Night Sky

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