August Daily Photo Challenge – August 16 – A Light Source With A Starburst Effect

I took a fair few photos of this using different light sources – the sun, living room chandelier, dining room chandelier, lava lamp (didn’t work) wall lights, lamps. All using a star burst filter. Then I remembered the effect of the lighthouse when put on a ten second timer. I decided to go with that one.

August 16 2015 Light Source With a Starburst Pattern

That’s No Moon, That’s A … Oh, It Is A Moon

My daughter was standing on the balcony last night, and she asked me if I wanted to take a photo of the moon. After some persuading, as I had taken one a few days before, I finally took my camera and tripod out onto the balcony to take a photo of the waning moon. I was stunned with how well it turned out.

Waning moon. July 5th 2015

Waning moon. July 5th 2015

Photo of the Week 2015 – Week 27

I very nearly used a seagull until I noticed that I used one a couple of weeks ago. I am hoping to get better shots of the moon very soon. A friend of mine, Steve, (Please go follow him, he is new to photography and I think he is doing really well) has told me about an adaptor that I can fix to my telescope along with a threaded barlow lens (telescope fitting) which will allow me to use the telescope as a lens. The excitement is real when I think of the shots I could get of Saturn, of Jupiter, and the moon. I remember seeing Jupiter for the first time in my old telescope – I left it out too long and it got rusty, but Steve, being the fantastic friend that he is, gave me a new body for the scope – the first time I saw Jupiter, I thought I could see stars near it, and I shrieked like a 4 year old when I realised that what i was looking at was four of Jupiter’s moons. If I stared hard, I could also see the big red storm as well, but it looked dark rather than red.

This moon shot is one of my favourite from the last week.

Photo of the Week 2015 Week 27

Photo of the Week 2015
Week 27