Photo of the Month – March 2016

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Week 10


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Sunday Photo Fiction – The Cabin

Every week a photo is used as a prompt to create a piece of fiction in around 200 words. If you want to see more, then visit HERE, and if you fancy a go, then visit HERE. The challenge runs from 4am BST Sunday to 4am BST the following Sunday.

148 03 March 20th 2016

Jerry ran at the door, looking up for a hand-hold, a way to scale the structure. The dogs barking caused him to run faster, their growls and snarls closing quickly. He saw his way up and leapt, grabbing the edge of a brick with the tips of his fingers before launching himself upwards and grabbing the lip of the door. He braced his toes against the large blue and brown closed entrance and forced a leap upwards; swinging his arms to gain more height and clawed at the topmost ledge of the building. He saw a broken window and ran towards it, jumping into the air and performing a somersault before sliding through feet first, not touching the sides.

Jerry leant against the wall and took a deep breath waiting for the sound of the dogs to disappear. He strained his ears but heard nothing. He stood near the door tried to listen, but still silence.

Walking to the small door on the side, he opened it a crack and the view outside stunned him. Grass covered the area. No dogs or people in sight, and graffiti covered the walls. Three minutes ago it was midnight. Now it was daytime.