Your Vote Counts

This year, the American Presidential Election has been the most vicious and nasty one in a very long time. It may be the most vicious ever in a free country. I’m not American so I don’t get a say in who becomes President, but those of you over there in the USA, do. And you need to use that say. That right.

But my vote won’t make a difference. My not voting is my vote. Our country is going to the dogs anyway, why should I vote.

You say that, and your vote doesn’t make a difference. Neither does yours. Or yours. Or yours, yours, yours, yours or yours. Or all the people there. Or them. Or those.

Oh wait, that is 100,000 people who have said their one vote doesn’t matter. Each on its own may seem insignificant. One droplet of water is insignificant. But look at the sea. One snowflake is insignificant. But look at an avalanche. One stone is insignificant. But look at a beach. One grain of sand is insignificant. But look at the desert.

Your one vote is NOT insignificant. Your vote matters. Your vote counts. You HAVE to vote.

On November 8th, go cast your vote whether for Hillary, Trump or Johnson.

Wouldn’t it be funny if, in a protest, the whole country voted for Gary Johnson instead of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Whatever you decide,



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