Mind If I Pop Up?

I changed my “A Mixed Bag” icon today and changed it my random post widget on the right. I decided to make sure it worked and clicked it a few times. One of the posts it landed on made me laugh, as the picture always does. I thought I would share it again as it has been a couple of years.

Now, imagine you have phobias. I know some of you do, whether that be spiders, clowns, snakes, eyes, webs, or anything else. You go into a bookshop and find this. Do you read it, or leave it?


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The Duck (A Story From An Anonymous Friend)

A friend wrote this, and I said I would share it on my blog. The friend requested I not name them. It is a fun story.


My agent says it won’t fly.
Which is apt, considering the subject of my latest children’s book.
He says he can’t find a publisher.
That, in fact, it is unpublishable in its current form.
And I need to change the title.
But, I argue, the title is also the hook, the line that repeats at the end of each segment.
It is the question each animal asks, and therefore the child who is listening, or perhaps even reading, will anticipate and remember.
This is how children learn to read, and to love reading.
The story tells of a cute little duckling who gets lost.
His whole family, Daddy, Mummy, and his seven siblings, Donald, David, Drew, Dottie, Debbie, Deirdre and Mary, go out searching for him.
Each of them meets a different animal, and explains the situation.
And each encounter ends up with the same punch line.
It is a good story, I say, built in the classic style of great children’s stories.
With an adorable collection of fluffy little creatures and an exotic array of animals – a giraffe, a fox, a crocodile, a kangaroo, a monkey, a dog, a hippo, a little bird and, of course, an elephant – you have everything needed for a great book that kids will treasure.
The publishers will not publish, he says, they say parents won’t buy it. Not with that title.
So I am faced with a rewrite.
Or, I guess, I could self-publish, prove them all wrong.
I ask you, dear reader, would you refuse to buy a book on the basis of its title?
It is catchy.
And funny.
Where the f*ck’s the duck?

A Trip Along The Pier

Last week I took a stroll along the Prince Of Wales Pier near me so that I could take some photos and spend time with my kids. We went to a café that is at the other end and had dinner. The main thing to be able to photograph along there is the lighthouses. Today there is a three masted boat which I am hoping will still be there on Sunday so I can get closer to it, but last week it was only lighthouses. Those things that have saved the lives of so many sailors. Here are a few of the photos from then.

August Photo of the Month – 2014

With a massive 76% of the votes, 25 out of 33, this soared to first place. This now makes it to the 2015 Calendar which will be available in November and it goes into the pot for the Photo of the Year which someone will have the chance of winning a print of in January 2015.

Photo of the Month August 2014 Winner

Photo of the Month
August 2014