Can You Keep A Secret?

I was talking to a very good friend last night, and we got onto the subject of secrets, and it reminded me of the song by the Pierces “Secret”. It is a catchy song and has been used as the title theme for the series Pretty Little Liars.

I’ve posted two versions of it, the official video and the one with the words.

Optimus Amicus

She sees me when I think I am invisible
Knows where I am when I am lost
She makes me smile when I forgot how
Knows what it takes to make me laugh


She says what I need to hear
Using words I never knew existed
She lifts me up when I am down
Using energies of her own to help


She makes me think I am special
Telling me how I am unique
She pulls me out of my hidden place
Telling me it is not as fearful as I think


She talks to me for hours upon hours
Writes when we cannot speak
She makes up words to make me feel better
Writes them so I can say them back


She is the one person I can always confide in
I can tell her anything that’s on my mind
She listens to me and then makes me laugh
She is my Optimus Amicus, my soul mate, my friend.


Too often people associate a soul mate with a wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, lover. This is not always the case. Someone who is a friend can be a soul mate. It is two people whose souls have touched and intertwined. 

I have known people whose family members are their soul mates, or others who are friends that have never met, but talk to each other a great deal and know so much about each other because their souls connected. It can be friends with people who are married to someone else. Just because someone is a soul mate doesn’t mean there is love/lust situation. It transcends love. Becomes something more.

No amount of arguments or upset can keep soul mates apart. When you have found yours, feel blessed. Some people can go a lifetime with never finding who their one is, or meeting them and not stopping to get to know each other. 

Maybe that moment of “love at first sight” is not that, but more souls connecting across a room and interlocking into place.


Books That Had An Effect On You

On Facebook, I was challenged to name ten books that had an effect on me or stayed with me. The instructions are:

In your status list 10 books that have stayed with you.
Don’t think too hard, they don’t have to be the “right books”or great works of literature they just have to have affected you in some way.
Tag 10 friends including the one that tagged you so they can see your list

I’m not going to tag anyone as it takes some thinking. So if you want to share yours, then go ahead.

Here are my ten books. Some are from when I was a kid, some are from when I was in my twenties, and a couple are from the last two years, but they have had a profound effect on me.

Of Mice and Men


John Steinbeck


Across The Barricades


Joan Lingard




Stan Barstow


Pride & Prejudice


Jane Austen


Love in the Time of Cholera


Gabriel García Márquez


The Dark


James Herbert


Red File For Callan


James Mitchell




James Herbert


Dragons of Autumn Twilight


Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman


Cider With Rosie


Laurie Lee

Ten Years And Counting

August this year mark a landmark for me. A decade in blogging. I posted my very first blog on August 16th 2004. I was married at the time, and my friend Andrew mentioned he had a blog, so I thought I would give it a go.

Over the next ten years, I changed from the original blog I had on Blogger, to AOL’s home pages, and then when I left them, I changed to my first WordPress blog six years ago, and then changed to this blog in 2010 which was called “Kattermonran’s Blog” and then changed to “Alastair’s Blog” before changing late 2012 / early 2013 to A Mixed Bag which it has been ever since. As a way of celebration, I will be changing my layout in the next week, but not the title. I am hoping to have photos at the top in a banner.

I want to thank the 1,800 people who now follow my blog, and of those I want to thank the 100 or so regular readers. I am grateful to each and every one of you for taking the time to come and visit me.

Ten years is a long time, but it also doesn’t seem that long.

My first post: August 16th 2004

First Blog

 Well, this is my first blog. I was introduced to this from Andrew. Andrew and Richard were down for this weekend as they normally do once a year. Andrew arrived at around 4:30 on Friday, and Richard arrived a couple of hours later. The weekend was the usual of shopping in Folkestone, watching films or something, talking about music, computer games and the like. 
Sunday was when Richard went back, although we thought he was going to have a problem as his car wouldn’t start at first. After a jump from Andrew though, he left at about 8:30 and arrived home about 9:45. Andrew left this morning (Monday), at about 10ish.
Well, that’s it for my first blog. I have a meeting this evening for the Father’s Club, which is a club for Fathers and Grandfathers only who have children or grandchildren with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
Alley Katt
My first post on this incarnation was made February 19th 2010
This is my new blog page because of
a particular **** that has been
causing me problems.
The old page won’t be being updated anymore.
I look forward to the next ten years. Thank you all for joining me on this journey.