Līgo Haībun Challenge – Nature’s Admiral

Every week, Padmini, Penny and Pirate host the Līgo Haībun Challenge. If you wish to know what this entails, I urge you to visit one of their blogs to have a look and join in if you can. This week’s challenge is a choice of two quotes.

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough
Rabindranath Tagore


The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful
E.E. Cummings

I chose Tagore’s quote for mine.

Nature’s Admiral

The cocoon moved slightly, showing that something was attempting to break free, the metamorphosis complete. A crack appeared on the side, a small fragment fell away, giving air to the creature inside. A small leg emerged and then shrunk back inside as if the outside were some poisonous vapour. Another fragment fell away, this one larger than the last and causing more of a crack to wind its way up the side of the chrysalis. Now the complete bottom of the cocoon fell away and a head poked out, followed by a pair of legs and an antenna springing forwards. The creature crawled its way out, dragging a pair of heavy wings behind it. Holding on with as much energy as it could muster at this time, it rested with the dead weight of the wings pulling it down.

The creature knew it did not have long, time marched ever forward with darkness not far away, and ending the first day. After what seemed like forever to the creature, it struggled to move the wings. Pulsing blood through the veins, moving them faster after each moment, the creature’s excitement grew at the prospect of seeing new places from a different vantage point. The wings moved faster and faster, then the creature let go … falling … it turned around as it fell and then flapped its wings and flew.

The beautiful butterfly looked around at the surroundings. The vibrant colours; the scent of leaves; the sound of other butterflies floating, coming near him, looking at his markings with awe as he floated on the air, commanding the very space he occupied. Every moment the butterfly existed, it knew it gave the world something to lift the spirits of living beings.

the red admiral
immortalised by camera
shows nature’s beauty

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