Photo of the Week 2015 – Week 50

Earlier this week I was out and as my son wasn’t with me, I didn’t have my camera. I saw the colour of the sky above the castle and it looked beautiful. The only thing I could take a photo with was my phone. The camera would have captured the colour a lot better, but this gives a little idea as to what the sky looked like.

2015 Week 50

A Trip Along The Pier

Last week I took a stroll along the Prince Of Wales Pier near me so that I could take some photos and spend time with my kids. We went to a café that is at the other end and had dinner. The main thing to be able to photograph along there is the lighthouses. Today there is a three masted boat which I am hoping will still be there on Sunday so I can get closer to it, but last week it was only lighthouses. Those things that have saved the lives of so many sailors. Here are a few of the photos from then.

Photo of the Week 2015 – Week 34

I had a choice as to what to use as my photo this week, but as I went to the end of the Prince of Wales Pier near me, I decided to use one of the photos I took there. Some of the views from the pier are incredible. You can see the castle in all its glory, and the White Cliffs of Dover look spectacular. I decided to use one I took of a lighthouse though as I liked the way it looked.

2015 Week 34