New Photography Page – Shutter Speed

I have created a new page on the photography “cheats” giving an explanation and example of what shutter speed is. I have included some photos I have taken at different shutter speeds to show how they effect the outcome. Click on the image to take you to the page, or choose it from the drop down menu under Photography-Cheats


September Daily Photo Challenge – Challenge List

This is the list of subjects for photos in September. If you fancy having a go yourself, just take a photo with something to do with the daily subject. It’s amazing what you end up seeing through your camera lens. If you don’t have time to do it on that day, then there is always the next available time. The list has been compiled by Peter Sykes who is a member of the Community Photography Club I am a member of.


All In A Day

Yesterday morning, my daughter saw the way the dawn was just clambering over the horizon and suggested photos. So I stood out there in my dressing gown at 6:45 with a temperature of 3°C / 37°F taking photos. Then when the sun came up a little after 7 I was out there again.

Later, I had to go out, so took a couple of photos in the park, and then as the sun was going down, the colour of the clouds and the sky was beautiful.