Something Said Can Make A Difference Years Later

A few years ago, I was posting three times a week with words of encouragement and hope. I ended up stopping because I was posting the same words again and again so I was going over the same things.

Today I had a comment on one of those posts. More importantly on one of the images from a 14-year-old girl who told me that it made a difference to her and she realizes that with her flaws, she is beautiful.

When I first saw it was a comment on an old post, I went to recycle it as spam until I read it. It moved me that something I said nearly three years ago has had an effect on someone today. I am glad it helped her. I hope she continues to see the beauty that is inside her.

11-49 Rantings Of A Beautiful Mind

September Daily Photo Challenge – September 16th – Garden

I don’t have a garden, and the weather has been a grotty-snotty of a day, plus I may have over done it a bit over the last few days so haven’t been able to get out. This photo is one that I took last year, and although it is not technically a garden, I love the way I managed to capture the blossom falling. It could be looked at as the Garden of Rest I suppose.

September 16 Garden

August Daily Photo Challenge – August 15 – Flower From Below

This was a difficult shot to take as I had to use guesswork in taking the photo. I had to hold the camera pointing up, looking the lens to see where the poppy was in relation to it, and then take the shot. Needless to say, I have some photos of just a quarter of the flower, focus on the stem, me in the way, and several out of focus. This one didn’t come out too badly though.

August 15 2015 Flower From Underneath

August 15 2015
Flower From Underneath