Friday Fictioneers – Oscar’s Passion

Every week the lovely Rochelle gives us a photo that has been donated to her for us to write a story or poem in 100 words or less. Not as easy as it sounds.

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Oscar bought a bouquet of flowers and skipped a little as he left the florist. Heading home on the bus with a grin on his face, his mind went back to an evening of passion with Wendy. He remembered all the things she did to him, and his breath caught at some of the moments.

His mind stuck in the evening, he missed his stop and had to walk a fair way home. He stopped as he noticed a familiar vehicle in his driveway. It was Wendy’s car. She was visiting his wife. He knew there would be fireworks now.

Sunday Photo Fiction – King Darah

Every week a photo is used as a prompt to create a story approximately 200 words in length. If you want to have a go, then had over to

Sunday Photo Fiction

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170 08 August 28th 2016

Teri looked at the man sat beside her on the throne. He was king, and she was queen. She always knew she was borne for greatness. When the Royal Guards came for her, she knew she would be the greatest monarch. His family had all perished in various ways leaving him, the 23-year-old King Darah, as the last remaining member of the royal family. He was never supposed to get there. His seven brothers and sisters as well as their children were in line before him. He was 17th. Now, he was King. Teri smiled, and when Darah glanced over at her, her smile became broader. He gave a brief nervous smile, more a twitch of the edge of his mouth.

Yesterday, they were married; today he was crowned king. Tomorrow, he would fall out the bedroom window. Surviving that would be difficult. It would go down as another tragic accident, and she would become the sole monarch and she would shape the country as she saw fit.

When they reached the bedroom that night, Darah noticed the colour drain from her face.

“What’s wrong my love? I had the bars put on the windows to stop any nasty accidents.”

Stand My Ground

I was going through some blogs, trying to catch up, and I saw one from Penny on The Why About This. She has a video from one of my favourite groups, and when I was watching it, I thought of the song that goes with it. Or it goes with it in my opinion anyway. Head over to Penny’s to see the first song, then either watch the lyrics video or the official video of Stand My Ground by Within Temptation. I think I may have put this on a couple of years ago when I was doing my music posts.