A Photo A Day … November 29 2013

Today when I was out, I photographed some pigeons in the distance, and as I had them in viewfinder, I saw some people standing there, seemingly waiting for my to finish taking photos. I lowered the camera a little and they still looked my way, smiling. I looked behind me, and saw several others looking at me, and I felt a bit weird. I took a step back and found what they were looking at. Whilst I was photographing the pigeons in the distance, others had decided that I was good company, and were standing around me. It was very odd. I did stand there for a bit longer and a few came back. I photographed a white one that kept walking around looking at me.

My subject today though, is the end of Autumn. This tree had one leaf left on it. Just this solitary, singular, yellow, leaf.

November 29 2013

I am not sure how much longer I will be with WordPress. My blog is not showing in the tag or category explorer and hasn’t been for a while. I may head off to somewhere with less problematic … servers.