Something New Is Coming

I am making a slight change to the blog. I am going to post something.

Seriously though, I am thinking that because I don’t have a lot of time with my streaming, I may start doing VLOGs instead. It is quicker for me to do that than it is to write something. Even though I am writing this.

I can do some editing whilst I do other things. So expect something new soon.

I am already posting some video items into my Instagram and my YouTube, so it’s only a small step to add them here as well.

What Have You Done, WordPress?

I just went to create a new post for friday Fictioneers, and I thought I had clicked the wrong button. The post creation is all wrong. It has changed completely! Where can I edit the title page location?

What have you done to my photos? I have gone from having used 3gb of space to having used 99.3mb! Where can I add Youtube links? Where can I add Twitter links? What have you done? There was nothing wrong with the post creation process. Please put it back!!

My tips pages are now useless as they are nothing like they are now! What happened to being able to start typing the categories and have them come up to save time? I can’t believe what you have done. You have destroyed the process of creating a new post. You have removed some of the categories and i have to add them again. I do not like this new creation process!

Even the Text window has changed.

Please, please, please put it back!


Don from A Pondering Mind has come up with a brilliant suggestion. There are two ways of creating a post in the old way:

Start the post as you normally would and then save it as a draft, and then go to the Dashboard, then select Posts on the left hand menu, and All Posts, then choose your draft and you can edit it the standard way.

The second way, is to go straight into the dashboard, select Posts from the left hand menu, and then Add New. This will create a post using the standard form. The proper way of doing it.

Thanks very much Don, I appreciate it.

A Photo A Day … November 30 2013

The last day of November, and I managed to capture something special. I went with my sister as she had to have the vet come see one of her ponies. The colour of the trees was absolutely stunning. I may post photos of the colours a little later or tomorrow. This little chap though, I watched run all the way up one tree, across branches and down the other before stopping to chew on some leaves, and squirrel it away.

November 30 2013