A Photo A Day … October 20 2013

A couple of days ago, I was in a charity shop, and I saw these two buildings. I brought them as they were relatively cheap and they looked nice. As it has been raining today, I thought I would use one of them as the subject for my Photo of the Day. Bear in mind, the word “Apothecary” is 30mm high.

October 20 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinity

The Weekly Photo challenge this week is infinity, and I was looking as I was out at things that would go on forever. I didn’t see a lot, until I saw ducks and thought about the “Chicken and the egg” as long as there is an egg, there will be a bird, and all the while there is a female bird, there will be an egg. My daughter just pointed out a fault in this theory, in that it does not ring true if it is an alien. Picky picky hehe. Also, the amount of spots on the ladybugs / ladybirds seems to go on forever as they are climbing over themselves. If you want to have a go at the photo challenge, pop on over to here, and I will be putting 25 links after the photos.

Ad Infinitum

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A Photo A Day … October 11 2013

A few days ago, Penny – from The Why About This – posted a photo of forks. I had never thought of creating art out of something like that. I said to Penny that I would start to try similar things in the coming months, and as my pain levels are high today, I thought I would give it a go and start with the forks.

I laid the forks onto the top of reflective silver take-out lids and set the camera onto four second shutter speed. I stood a second reflective lid on the side to stop any colours reflecting back. Then I held a third reflective lid above the forks, pressed the remote for the shutter and used the external flash on weak twice.

October 11 2013


A Photo A Day … October 10 2013

Two days ago, I posted a photo of a rose for my photo of the day, and Padmini of Call 2 Read said that she would love to see an orange rose. So when I went shopping today, I brought a red carnation spray and some orange roses. Enjoy your rose Padmini.

10 10 2013