A Photo A Day … October 26 2013

I took this photo last night. I have been meaning to do it for a while, but have not got round to it. Last night, I took my son out with me, and he carried my tripod. I set the camera up in the middle of the path (sidewalk) and took a few photos. I am fairly happy with how it turned out, though it could have been better. You can see Dover Castle from almost anywhere in the town.

October 26 2013


A Photo A Day … October 18 2013

Okay, so I said I probably wouldn’t do another sunrise photo this month, but I couldn’t resist this one. This is part of a several that I took over several minutes that I am hoping to put together as a sort of time-stop sunrise. I am not doing too well with it at the moment as I am trying to crop the images to get them about the same size. I had the camera hand-held, I didn’t have the strength to carry the tripod as well this morning. Had I been able to, I would have photographed the lighthouse beams cutting through a low fog.

October 18 2013